Week 2 submission

Hi. So it is 11:59pm on Monday, I am going mental  because I cannot upload my song to Sound cloud, wordpress or anywhere for that matter. The only way I can submit is Facebook. I am in the process of uploading it right now and it is taking forever.

Sorry, but I am not a computer person. When I write, it is usually at my co-writers house where he has a recording studio and the skills to record. But alas, I am writing this song by myself and had no time to ask for his help. I hope that someone can hear it. lol

It is on the “S.A.C. Challenge 2015” Facebook page.

My fingers are crossed. See Lyric below, just in case the video will not upload.

Thanks so much,



“Hey”, that’s all your text said

After 2 weeks, you think I’m desperate

Gave you my number, I felt a spark

Now there’s a blank screen, a questions mark

PRE: It would have been another story, If you said it in a different way, Why didn’t you say…..


I need your XOXO, no BFF

I want your XOXO, capital X

I want your XOXO XOX, I want your XOXO XOX

I responded, WTF, and I waited, to see how you felt

I asked the question, how do you feel about me

Don’t want no hook up, just some honesty


BRIDGE: Thumbs up, that stupid smiley face, don’t mean a thing,

I’m looking for something real, not a winkey little ding-a-ling….


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