Matt Dusk. First and Final Task

Well, I really took my time on this one, factoring in what Matt wanted. I  hope he like’s it. It’s a song with a Latino feel. There is a lot of room for production and there can be a solo inserted no problem, where Matt can tickle the ivories.

This is a song about really wanting someone and lacking the self confidence to make the first move. I struggled with what I wanted to write for this challenge, and went back to my old note books.( Love doing that) I found a great line with the words, “Missed opportunity”. bang, the song came pouring out.

I have had a blast listening to all the great songs from fellow participants. Wow, what a great group of writers. It has been so good to connect with these people. So many different ideas and styles to learn from.

My biggest challenge was recording the song.

I have a co writer here in Halifax that had his own recording studio, that when we write together, he records, engineers and we produce together, but during this challenge I only had my self to rely on and I wanted it that way. It was my opportunity to prove to myself tha,t I can do it. so, I purchased a Zoom R8 home recording device and got to work 2 weeks ago, on learning how to operate it. I did it!!!

Just want to say thanks for this, can’t wait to do it again, and by then, I will have mastered the recording process a bit more and I will have learned to love the Click Track!!! LOL LOL

Lisa B.

Week 5 Holiday song.

Well, this is a song about a person, I would say a young person, who is living in Mexico and only wants snow for Christmas.

I had fun dreaming about Mexico while I am trapped in snow covered Nova Scotia, but if the show were on the other foot???

This really has been a great experience participating in this challenge. It took me way out of my comfort zone. I have become kinda dependant on writing with a co writer for the past few years and wanted to see if i could write a song all on my own again. I did it.

My biggest challenge was to get these songs recorded. The challenge pushed me to purchase a home recording device, Zoom R8.

I have been learning how to use it and successfully recorded a couple of songs. This has been a big confidence boost!

So, I do hope you like my Holiday Song, “Let’s Go to the North Pole”.


Week 3

Wow, I really had a a lot of fun with this challenge. I wrote some lyrics with the morning coffee, with a little bit of a tune running through my head. Couple days later, did some editing, figured out a chord progression and than took it to my talented neighbor, John Percy, ( he helped me record it and added some production tips. Thank you for your expertise.

I was worried in the first two weeks that couldn’t get a product recorded on time. My skills lack on computer, I am more of a hands on person.

I met John Percy at a local open mic night and I told him about the Regional Writers Group here in Halifax. I was getting a ride to the meeting last Monday night with him, and told him my dilemma with the recording process. He volunteered his home studio.

Thanks, John

Thanks S.A.C.!!!


Week 2 submission

Hi. So it is 11:59pm on Monday, I am going mental  because I cannot upload my song to Sound cloud, wordpress or anywhere for that matter. The only way I can submit is Facebook. I am in the process of uploading it right now and it is taking forever.

Sorry, but I am not a computer person. When I write, it is usually at my co-writers house where he has a recording studio and the skills to record. But alas, I am writing this song by myself and had no time to ask for his help. I hope that someone can hear it. lol

It is on the “S.A.C. Challenge 2015” Facebook page.

My fingers are crossed. See Lyric below, just in case the video will not upload.

Thanks so much,



“Hey”, that’s all your text said

After 2 weeks, you think I’m desperate

Gave you my number, I felt a spark

Now there’s a blank screen, a questions mark

PRE: It would have been another story, If you said it in a different way, Why didn’t you say…..


I need your XOXO, no BFF

I want your XOXO, capital X

I want your XOXO XOX, I want your XOXO XOX

I responded, WTF, and I waited, to see how you felt

I asked the question, how do you feel about me

Don’t want no hook up, just some honesty


BRIDGE: Thumbs up, that stupid smiley face, don’t mean a thing,

I’m looking for something real, not a winkey little ding-a-ling….


Week 2 craziness.

OK. Wrote my song last Wednesday. Had a great burst of creativity. Had every intention of recording it on the weekend until unexpected company showed up. I was pleased thus morning to see that we have until midnight today to submit. You know what I’ll be doing today. Cramming!!! Wish me luck.

Week 2, already.

Hi All.

Wow, I am feeling overwhelmed. I have so many thoughts, lyrics, ideas, melodies, beats, songs, artists…..running through my head. Where do I start?

Maybe going for a walk in freezing temperatures will clear my mind, but alas, there are no sidewalks plowed. lol

Seriously, I have a few concrete ideas and will post as soon as I can get something recorded.

This is a golden opportunity for us.

I have been mostly co writing for the last 3 years and I am finding a bit hard to write on my own. I want to challenge myself to see if I still can write a song from start to finish. That’s just one part of this process for me.  I am very open to collaboration. I think we can push ourselves to write a better song. You can’t settle if you have someone encouraging you to do better.

I recently took part in a few songwriting seminars that stressed, “Going Deep” inside yourself, find a better way to say, “It.” Easier said than done.

I enjoy reading and learning from everyone participating in this challenge. Let’s write a hit song!!!


Week 1 songwriters Challenge

Wow, Matt Dusk. This is pretty cool. If we are to write for a male, maybe I should have some male input. I have often tried to write for the opposite sex and find it quite fun, but I am not a man and it is difficult to go deep with in. So, if there are any guys who would like to collaborate, give me a shout.

I am very excited to be pushed outside my comfort zone. Going to have a listen to Matt’s music and some of the artists he mentioned to get a handle on the groove he is aiming for.

This is going to be fun!