Week 2, already.

Hi All.

Wow, I am feeling overwhelmed. I have so many thoughts, lyrics, ideas, melodies, beats, songs, artists…..running through my head. Where do I start?

Maybe going for a walk in freezing temperatures will clear my mind, but alas, there are no sidewalks plowed. lol

Seriously, I have a few concrete ideas and will post as soon as I can get something recorded.

This is a golden opportunity for us.

I have been mostly co writing for the last 3 years and I am finding a bit hard to write on my own. I want to challenge myself to see if I still can write a song from start to finish. That’s just one part of this process for me.  I am very open to collaboration. I think we can push ourselves to write a better song. You can’t settle if you have someone encouraging you to do better.

I recently took part in a few songwriting seminars that stressed, “Going Deep” inside yourself, find a better way to say, “It.” Easier said than done.

I enjoy reading and learning from everyone participating in this challenge. Let’s write a hit song!!!


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